About Us

We are a team that believes anyone deserves a fair chance in life

We're a highly motivated German-Ghanaian team with support from the Netherlands, South Africa and the UK who cares deeply about the work we do. We love to experiment with new ideas and are not afraid to try new ways. Also, we like to have a lot of fun while doing it.

The founding story

Back in 2006

Long before the actual founding, the idea of this initiative was already very much alive in the minds of Anna and Amin Zaaki. Together, they helped people in Ghana, home of Amin, privately. More and more frequently, they were supported by people from their family and friends who were happy to help with donations. This generous help motivated seven founding members at the beginning of 2006 to make the Aminu Initiative (until 2018 known as “NIMA”) a reality.

The name

Our former name “NIMA” read the other way round leads us to “Amin”, meaning “trustworthy”. At the same time, “Amin” is the name of our chairman Amin Zaaki, who as co-founder and Ghanaian plays a major role in our work. Actually, most people call him Aminu, with an “u”, which is a commonly used diminution of names in Ghana. And because it has all started as just a private initiative from Anna and Amin, we wanted to honor that. So, this is how we come up with “Aminu Initiative”.

Our core values


Be transparent and truthful in everything you do.


Choose optimism on a daily basis and your conviction to pursue greatness.


Use courage to empower others, even when it is not easy.

Plus: Have fun with the things you do!

Our beautiful team

Anna Zaaki

Co-Founder + CEO

Amin Zaaki

Co-Founder + Chairman

Monika Frey

Co-Founder + Vice Chairman

Günter Frey


Jana Krawinkel


Jörg Krawinkel


Eva Klein


Anna Zaaki


Amin Zaaki

Chairman of the board

Monika Frey

Vice Chairman

Tanja Opara

Board member + Task Group weltwärts

Ulrike Oerter

Board member

Stefan Roßkopf

Board member

Ingrid Burgmann-Krämer

Board member

Daniel Weidemeyer

Board member

Team Germany

Katrin Köberle-Ehrhard

Management Assistant

Andrea Göbel

Head of Accounting

Doris Ottenritter

Back Office

Bernd Heppenheimer

Back Office weltwärts

Sara Zimmermann

Task Group weltwärts

Heidi Adena

Event Management

Yvonne McGlothan

Event Management

Ruth Buchert


Elke Oerter


Albert Schiemann

Head of Growth (Interim)

Tamara Biwo

Project Management

Project Partners Ghana

“Muda” Mamadu Mudasiru

Head of Project Partnership

Mohammed “Ayuba” Mamadu

Project Management

Manaf Cheiba

Manager Junior Program

“Sayida” Mariam Abdul Kadir

Mentor weltwärts

Hickma Ibrahim

Head of One Love Children’s Home

Stella Ahuna

Head of One Love Children’s Home

Dr. Faisal Garba

Management Consultant

Our culture

“We value cross-cultural cooperation and diversity of thought. As a learning organisation we enjoy learning from and with each other as part of our day-to-day work.”
— Amin Zaaki
Chairman of Aminu Initiative

Change the world with us

We're on a mission to give children and young adults a real chance in life through feasible education. Join the team. We're always looking for enthusiastic people.


You can transform lives for these young children. Every single penny will help.

Mango Family

A community of monthly givers helping us to plan our programs with greater certainty and more sustainably.