Our Work

The future is bright

Children love to learn. If we grant them access to knowledge, we also give them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


children and young adults who benefit from our education programs.


members and patrons who regularly support our work.


long-term volunteers sent to Ghana since 2009.

We are continuously working on lending a helping hand to even more children in need.

What drives us

Our mission

Together with our Ghanaian partner, we give disadvantaged children and young adults in Ghana access to education.

Our vision

A world, where every child can access quality education free of charge.
A world, where no child must endure hunger and poverty.
A world, where everybody enjoys the same rights and opportunities.

Our values

Transparency—be transparent and truthful in everything you do.
Motivation—be always optimistic and believe firmly that you can achieve your goals.
Courage—be brave and encourage others, even if this is not always easy.

How we work

Our approach

Our goal is to learn from and with each other. We ensure this through regular project visits as well as the permanent exchange with our Ghanaian partners. And our weltwärts volunteer service further extends the intercultural dialog.

Our solutions

Together with our partners, we have been running various education projects in Ghana since our foundation in 2006. Since 2009 we also offer young people the possibility to participate in our international volunteer service (weltwärts).

Our partners

We want all our work and achievements to remain in the hands of the local community in Ghana. Working with local partners is a more sustainable way to build up the local community. Our partners have demonstrated deep knowledge on how to implement education projects.

Where we work

Nima (part of Accra), Ghana

In Nima we help underprivileged children in one of the poorest areas in Ghana with their education, health and family issues. Besides that, we provide a space where they can study and make big plans for their lives.

Tuba, Ghana

In Tuba we build and extend our close partnerships with locals, their schools, day-care centers, and kindergartens, so that more children can thrive towards a better future for themselves and their families.

Münster (Hessen), Germany

In our main office in Münster, we coordinate our next steps for breaking down the restraints in order to offer more children access to quality education. And we are also doing the less fun paperwork.

Meet our partner—Cin Gaban Nima

Our long-term partners in Ghana reorganized in 2021 under the name Cin Gaban Nima. Cin Gaban Nima means "Forward Nima" and is intended to symbolize the spirit of optimism and progress in Nima, one of the poorest districts of the capital Accra.

The daily work is about education and empowerment, with a focus on disadvantaged children, youth and young adults.

While our Aminu initiative sends young volunteers to Ghana for 12 months as part of the weltwärts voluntary service, Cin Gaban Nima acts as a host organization in Ghana. The young volunteers from Germany are used in Cin Gaban Nima's own programs, as well as being placed with other Ghanaian partners.

The programs

Community Center

The Community Center in Nima was officially opened in May 2022. It offers the long-awaited space to expand activities in Nima. Various educational and counseling programs are implemented, with a focus on children, adolescents and young adults. The center offers new jobs that will be expanded in the coming years. In a district like Nima, where the lack of prospects is high and many young people dream of a life in Europe or America, it is all the more important for our German-Ghanaian partnership to make offers that give young people prospects in their own homeland and strengthens them in their development.

Junior Program

The son of our founder Amin died tragically in a car accident. “Junior” Nasir Zaaki was only 20 years old. He gave the little he had spared to the children and adolescents in his neighborhood so that they can have a chance in life. Without him, they couldn't longer afford to pay for their education. This is how the Junior Program got into existence, a more sustainable way to support these children and their families.

One Love Children’s Home

A school dormitory where disadvantaged children and young people can feel at home. Our protégés are full orphans, half orphans and social orphans.

Since opening in October 2009, we have attached great importance to the children spending their school holidays with their families or relatives in order to maintain contact. In order to offer the children a child-friendly standard of living, we focus on quality and not quantity.

From toddlers to teenagers

Our Ghanaian colleagues are currently caring for around 30 children between the ages of 4 and 20 in the One Love Children’s Home. They are supported by 2 of our weltwärts volunteers who spend 12 months there.

Sustainable funding and support

The young people who have already obtained their secondary school-leaving certificate attend various boarding schools across the country in order to do their Abitur. In addition, some of our students have already made it to university. In addition, some of our protégés are among the best students in the country due to their very good performance.

Microcredit Program

Our German-Ghanaian partnership plans to introduce a microcredit program in 2022. Young people in particular will benefit from this, as they will be provided with financial means to set up their own businesses. After the successful implementation of the business idea, the funds flow back to our partners from Cin Gaban Nima and can be used for further micro-loans or the ongoing programs.

In case of an emergency

We also help if there is an emergency. This can be urgently needed medical care or crucial repair work on houses caused by heavy storms in the rainy season. To ensure the necessity, we check each and every case individually and report back to our donors.

Additional Partners

Günter Frey International School

Many families in Tuba-Kokrobite could not afford to send their children to school. And the local government school didn't have enough capacity to accommodate all the children. So the parents had no choice but to take their children with them to the field. The children often had to help out themselves instead of going to school. When Mamadu Mudasiru moved from the city to tuba in 1997 and saw this, he founded his own school with the support of his wife Muhiba. The first class was held under a mango tree with just 12 children. Almost 800 children and young people now attend the school.

Monika Creche

Instead of having to take the children to work or leave them with their older siblings at home, the families now have the opportunity to give their youngest in the care of Monika Creche. Currently, around 115 infants aged 12 months to 6 years attend the facility — 66 boys and 49 girls. Unlike to what we are used to in the western world, the children learn to read and write very early in preparation for the Günter Frey International School. Through the Aminu Initiative, the children of Monika Creche now have their own room to play and a close-by football/soccer field to run riot.

Additional collaboration

As part of our weltwärts voluntary service, we cooperate with other Ghanaian partners and have weltwärts assignments in the ZongoVation Hub, at DUNK and Act for Change.

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