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It’s about impact, sharing and a common vision

Our Mango Family is a passionate and generous group of monthly givers who enable our partners to provide access to education and enable our teams to accompany children from early childhood to adulthood. It's an international community of people like you, who are not only serving themselves, but serving others too. They are united in a common vision of creating a real impact by donating month in, month out.

© Illustration by Robby Krüger

Why “Mango Family”?

The name Mango Family is a tribute to our partner school in Ghana. The Günter Frey International School in Tuba-Kokrobite was founded by Mamadu Mudasiru.
Over 20 years ago he moved from Accra to Tuba, which was a small village then. He saw that many children were not going to school, but instead many parents, most of them farmers, took their children to the fields. He felt the need for the children to go to school.
So he founded his own school and started with only twelve children, eight girls and four boys, under a mango tree. He continued going from house to house to convince more and more parents to send their children to his school.

His brother and our founder Amin Zaaki, who lives in Germany, supported the school right from the early beginning.
After Amin and his wife Anna founded our Aminu Initiative in early 2006 they started cooperating with the school.
Together they were able to expand the school year after year and even opened a nursery school in a separate building.

The school which now includes a primary school, a junior high school and a boarding house for needy children is giving more than 650 students access to education today.

And while it all started under a mango tree —
We want to invite you to join our Mango Family and grow our efforts even further.

Here’s what you can expect when you join

A caring and ambitious international team

Our international team is working hand in hand for the benefit of children, their families and communities. We love learning from and with each other, promoting intercultural exchange in all areas of our work and standing up against racism. We are aware of and also create awareness of global inequalities and injustice, which affects children in Ghana and worldwide. We strongly believe in the impact of our work and together with you, we can change the world!

A holistic and life-changing approach

We are not only working with children, but we see and accept the uniqueness of each child. We accompany them until they can take care of themselves and their families. We invest in formal and informal education and promote talent, too. Our teams care for the healthiness and wellbeing of the children they are taking care of. We work hand in hand with the parents or relatives in order to provide the best care possible to each child.

A response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our work is responding to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.
Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires the partnership of governments, private sector, civil society and citizens alike to make sure we leave a better planet for future generations.

By joining our Mango Family you are helping to achieve these ambitious goals.

Our 100% Model

We promise that 100% of the Mango Family donations fund formal and informal education and all related work needed to secure the healthiness and wellbeing of the children in our care. We even pay back the bank fees which are deducted from your monthly donation, meaning if you donate 100 euro online, we will receive only 97 euro, but make up the 3 euro to send your full 100 euro to fund our programs.

How are we doing this?

Our operating costs are fully covered by other private or corporate donors, government grants and membership fees. It’s not always easy, but we strongly believe in our approach.

Impact Update

Our Impact Update is a monthly impact report send to you via email. It keeps you updated on the impact your donation has and it will definitely bring a smile on your face.

Quarterly Q&As

Our Quarterly Q&As give you the chance to connect with our founders, board members and special supporters in a digital meeting. You can directly address your questions and also get in touch with other Mango Family members.

Here’s what our supporters say

“The Aminu Initiative supported me during my master’s degree and today I am happy to give something back by supporting the work of such a committed organization. Our team stands up against racism and draws attention to global injustices.”
— Dr. Faisal Garba, Ghana
Lecturer at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and Freiburg, Germany
“As a university student, I think it's particularly great that I can support the educational work of Aminu Initiative with as little as five euros a month. I can rest assured that my support will get exactly where it is needed.”
— Fenja Gross, Germany
Student and former weltwärts Volunteer
“At the Aminu Initiative, I trust that the donated money will provide effective, well thought-out and sustainable help. The passionate and professional commitment of the founders and volunteers is simply worth supporting!”
— Florian Streich, Germany
Managing Director VSM Child and Youth Services
© Christoph Mannhardt
“Education strengthens, education motivates, education gives hope. I think it's great that Aminu Initiative motivates and supports young people to go their own way and make the best of themselves.”
— Dayan Kodua, Germany
Actress, Author and Speaker
“If the aid is to be sustainable, professional management skills are required. Only those who know exactly what to do and how, are doing well. In this respect, I have been supporting the Aminu Initiative with the work they are doing in Ghana and with the further development of the organization here in Germany.”
— Prof. Dr. phil. Michael Vilain, Germany
Vice President for Research and International Affairs
Managing Director of the Institute for Future Issues in the Health and Social Economy (IZGS), Protestant University of Darmstadt
© Matthias Purkart
“Educational equity for children and young people is very important to me. As an educational builder of bridges, I am happy to contribute in small steps to shaping a positive future for our protégés.”
— Florence Brokowski-Shekete, Germany
Director of Education Authority, Author and Coach
“It makes me happy to make a small contribution to the success of a large and hopefully growing project. That is why I would be very pleased if many people followed this example. At Aminu, I can also be sure that my support will arrive where it is needed.”
— Holger Zindt, Germany
Head of Marketing, Deutsche Vermögensberatung
“I am impressed to see how the commitment of one family has developed into an organization that remains true to its principles to this day and always works on an equal footing with the colleagues in Ghana.”
— Lea Sumey, Austria
Student Teacher, Dance & Yoga Teacher and former weltwärts Volunteer

The founding family of the Aminu Initiative

Anna and Amin Zaaki have always been willing to lend a helping hand. Together with a highly motivated international team they are serving children and their families in need.

Furthermore, many family members of Anna and Amin in Germany as well as in Ghana are involved in the work. After 15 years of experience our Aminu Initiative has a very strong foundation.

Think big, dream big, act big, and the results will be big.

There is no better time, but now!

This is the time to grow and you're welcome to join us and become a Mango Family member.