Our vision, our mission and our values - Aminu Initative’s approach of impacting the life of children in Ghana


Our vision, our mission and our values - Aminu Initative’s approach of impacting the life of children in Ghana

Our Vision

A world in which every child has free access to quality education.

A world in which no child must suffer from hunger and poverty.

A world in which everyone has equal opportunities and rights.

Our Mission

Together with our Ghanaian Partner we empower children and young people through education.

Education strengthens.

Education motivates.

Education gives hope.

Our Values

Transparency - Be transparent and truthful in everything you do.

Motivation - Choose optimism on a daily basis and your conviction to pursue greatness.

Courage - Use courage to empower others, even when it’s not easy.


Our Approach

Long-lasting projects

Since our start in 2006, we continuously support schools, education programs and the neighborhood. We’re here to stay until we’re not needed anymore.

Local partners

We invest in forming strong partnerships with local authorities, government and other organizations who are committed to giving these children a better future in life.

Funding protection

We examine every project you fund to ensure that your money is wisely spent and comes to the places where it’s needed most. Your donation gives more children access to education.

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Some facts & figures

1 in 6 children isn’t able to even learn the minimum.

We have a learning crisis, with one in six children and adolescents worldwide still not reaching minimum proficiency levels in reading or mathematics.

(Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)

75% still haven’t become literate after 5 to 6 years in school in Ghana.

The chance of a poor student in Ghana making it over the minimum learning threshold is very low. Only 41.5% even attend school at all if the child is from a low-income household.

(Source: State of the World’s Children Report and EFA Global Monitoring Report)

57% Men earn twice as much as women on average in Ghana.

Education has a strong effect on closing the earnings gap. With no education, men earn 57% more than women, but the gap shrinks to 24% among those who can attend primary school.

(Source: EFA Global Monitoring Report)


Why education matters

Education is the key to personal growth

When children learn to read and write, they become confident in their ability to succeed. It empowers to develop personal strength and to pursue own hopes and dreams.

Education combats poverty

Through having access to better job opportunities, these former students are now able to give part of their earnings to their families, breaking the cycle of poverty not only for themselves, but also for their relatives.

Education changes the whole community

When they graduate, they will put their acquired skills into action — go to work, starting their own business, innovate, produce and bringing so capital and knowledge to the whole community.


Our approach on impacting the life of others

Build homes

We built a shelter for young children and adolescents, who are in need of a new home to feel be loved again and to be able to create their own future.

Start programs

Our programs help children and adolescents in need. They are looked after by us, providing an environment where they can learn and prosper.

Invest in partnerships

We form partnerships with schools, to extend their buildings, staff, and materials so that these children can start following their own dreams.

“We equip our students with the tools they need to go out into the world and shape it for themselves.”

Mamadu Mudasiru

Founder of Günter Frey International School in Tuba

Every donation counts, as it makes a difference

We like sustainability

An even more sustainable way of donating is to give monthly, which is already possible from 5 Euros (approx £4.50) with us.

Please help us to ensure that the children and young people in our care continue to have access to education and donate now. Your click takes you to our website, where it is very easy to make an online donation.

We thank you very much as every single donation matters and has a positive impact on the lives of the children and young people in our care. Thank you so much!


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